Day Cleaning – What It Is, and What Are the Benefits

Day CleaningDay cleaning is a relatively new trend, creeping up in the professional cleaning industry. Used by companies like day cleaning has been quite popular in Europe for some time now, though the practice is somewhat lagging in the US. Day cleaning is basically the same cleaning maintenance of admin buildings, offices and commercial establishments, but performed in business hours, not at night (common for the US).

What is the main purpose of day cleaning? The idea of day cleaning for establishments and offices is energy efficiency and reduction of excessive energy consumption through performing the cleaning services during the day. US cleaning industry specialists predict that a decade from now, day cleaning will be the prevailing cleaning maintenance for most buildings throughout the States, which is currently the case in Europe.

The energy savings from not having to illuminate, heat or cool the premises during cleaning maintenance add up to eight percent of energy savings per annum, which is quite a figure, especially for large energy intensive buildings. There is also a more social aspect to day cleaning that makes it worthwhile. Generally, that would translate to better employee retention and more job satisfaction in staff. More so, staff will raise their respect and consideration for cleaning maintenance personnel and be more careful not to make a mess of the office. To an extent, day cleaning schedules can also improve communication between customers and cleaning personnel. Healthcare facilities, especially inpatient ones have been using the practice of day cleaning for many years as patients in hospitals and recovery centres have to sleep at night undisturbed. Hotels and casinos (including in the US) have also been day cleaning for some time now – fewer disturbances at night, or at odd hours of the day is not welcomed, especially in family hotels.

Schools and universities have also adopted the practice of day cleaning. Industry analysts also predict that many organisations and facilities will request their cleaning services providers to perform their duties during the day in future. At first, rearranging the cleaning schedule in favour of saving some money here and there might seem unnecessary, but some quick number crunching will show that between four and eight percent worth of savings in a company’s energy bill per year, is anything but a small sum of money. Most of the time energy savings from day cleaning are just too lucrative to pass up, so expect a shift very soon.