The Difference between a Carpet Spot and a Stain

Carpet StainAsk any professional cleaning team as Carpet Cleaning Chelsea about the difference between a carpet spot and a carpet stain, and the response you will get is twenty four hours. In about twenty four hours, a spot or a spill will seep deep inside the carpet, all the way down to its base layer and they dry up thus becoming a full flared carpet stain. If such issues are addressed promptly, most of the time, the situation can be contained by using only warm water to dilute and lift the stain completely.

If the situation has been left unattended then professional cleaners will have to address the issue using a specialised carpet spot removal kit. A complete stain removal kit will contain a number of different solvents or chemicals which have an effect on different types of staining or soiling. A good stain removal kit should in all instances contain a hydrogen peroxide based solvent.

Stain removal using hydrogen peroxide is relatively new, but it is quickly gaining momentum and popularity. What makes cleaning with peroxide so good, is not only the better results, but also the fact that even when a cleaner overuses the chemical, or leaves a little bit of it in the carpet, the peroxide will simply dissolve to water and oxygen. This means no chemical residue and no chance of zonal soiling of the carpet. Hydrogen peroxide has its limits though, the chemical is highly effective and safe for removal of tannin based stains i.e. tea, wine, coffee but it won’t work on greasy and oily stains. To treat such stains, you need a specially formulated grease, oil and paint remover chemical. These are widely available and of good effectiveness. Besides these two cleaning agents, professional cleaners should also have an enzyme-based cleaning product in their arsenal. Enzyme based cleaning agents are highly effective in lifting and removal of organic stains such as urine, saliva, blood etc. as well as food.

Certain wines and fruit juices have strong organic dyes that aren’t easily removed, treating these effectively requires what’s known as red dye remover – also widely available. Mechanical power also has a place in any good stain removal kit. Professional cleaners should always have a stiff brush to work the cleaning solution deep inside the carpet, and a pack of terrycloth towels for dabbing or blotting the stain when necessary. Don’t forget the treated area should be rinsed with water to prevent soiling and further staining from foot traffic.