Low Decibel Carpet Equipment for Day Cleaning

Carpet EquipmentAlthough day cleaning saves companies and organisations a decent amount of money in energy bills, up to now there has been one major drawback of day cleaning and that is noise and disruption to daily activities at the premises. In response, manufacturers have been coming up with quieter and quieter vacuum cleaners more suited for daytime use.

To put cleaning noise disturbance in perspective, a normal conversation is about sixty seven decibels in loudness, conventional vacuums work at much higher levels of noise emission. Currently though, many manufacturers are releasing vacuum models as quiet as sixty eight decibels. Another factor that helps reduce motor and suction noise in vacuum cleaners is the use of HEPA filters. Most good vacuums these days are fitted with high quality HEPA filtration systems which also act as mufflers and reduce much of the noise emissions thus keeping daily workflow in offices uninterrupted. Professional cleaners in the likes of Carpet Cleaning Fulham, performing their duties have praised less noisy vacuum cleaners as this is also less stressful to them.

In the past, as paradoxical as it sounds, vacuum cleaner motors were made louder so that people thought them more powerful – what a way to advertise. Another major step toward increased efficiency and lower noise pollution in vacuum cleaners is the introduction of a second motor which offsets the strain and keeps the entire appliance working at lower decibels. In this case, one motor works on suction, and the other works on moving the brush which translates to lower noise emissions. However, manufacturers advise professional cleaners to choose a sufficiently powerful vacuum regardless of the slightly higher noise emissions as after all results are what matters most.

When choosing the right vacuum for the job, professional cleaners should observe the rating of the appliance. In the UK and US there are specialised institutes that certify newly released vacuum models and being more efficient.A powerful yet efficient vacuum cleaner is quite necessary for a good job as eighty percent of dust and dirt polluting carpets are insoluble (solids) which makes vacuuming the only proven way to pick up everything before further cleaning procedures. Another big benefit of new, efficient vacuum cleaners is the fact that dust particles are not blown back into the air, which is partially thanks to the improved HEPA filtration systems. Advanced filtration and increased suction power means no or very little use of water during cleaning. Carpets will be dry and ready to use sooner.